Sunday, September 27, 2009

Traveling through the limits

In the limits of the desire
we sight the impossible thing
in a vision that returns
more imaginary than real
In this diffuse image
that gets lost in the mysterious thing
we make out impossible grandeur
that show the indelible thing
Abyss or truth?
After this intuition
of distant landscapes
impossible horizons
and dark dawns
it stirs up in us
the most intimate explosion
and uncontrolled of desires
where we make a mistake
with life
with time
and with a " not itself what "
that impels us to feel
After it, the plenitude moves away from us

Love is a disease no one wants to get rid of. Those who catch it never try to get better, and those who suffer do not wish to be cured.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Dream, awaken, dream, awaken, awaken, and yet it is all dream.
Life is but an illusion
A product of my perception, my collection of dreams
Let not your heart be troubled
Wherever you travel there will be wind and waves
Ebb and flow the moon and sun have its own phase
If I don't wander how could I ever be found?
Reach for the divine, my higher-self remised
Reach for the light, in which darkness doesn't exist
It is desire that take us on the path we travel
It is fate that bring us together on the cross-road
It is love that keep you close to my heart
What is more important than seeing with my eyes?
Seeing into my own heart, although the song in the heart is silent
The art of love, the ability to express, the gift beyond gift
To feel you without seeing you, to love you without having you
All rivers continue to flow to the ocean, cosmic consciousness
receives them all

Only a cloud, knows the feeling of a cloud...