Friday, April 16, 2010


I love you more every day

More than I can imagine I can ever love a person

The burning passion come from deep inside the soul

Where love is pure and true

We put our souls on display; vulnerable, naked, and cold

In love, we are warriors

Fight for what we need and ready to receive with open heart, open arms

For every sunrises

And every sunsets

Knowing we are here to hold each other hands

To walk together as best friends

And hand in hand we find that place together

Our playground

Monday, April 5, 2010

Beyond myself

You shook up my world and woke up the fragile inner child

the soft, innocent, frighten

little soul hide behind the helpless sad eyes

The little broken heart is filled with Doubts


Every time I laid my head down in despair

drop of tears would come flooded my eyes

You stood strong and still and kind

You whispered your sweet love

You paint my sky with rainbow color of hopes

Because of you

I learn to embrace my truth, my broken heart, my soft soul

I learn to be brave, to risk

I learn to trust again

Beyond myself

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Can the world see me as I am?

Can soul, heart, and dreamers have

a place

in this careless world with careless souls

Can love, lost, separation, and joy coexist?

When you say good bye to

someone dear

And shed no tears?

Can you feel my pain, the pain of lost

Since tomorrow I will not see you again

I won’t be there to hug, to touch

To wipe away your tears

To love, to laugh, and share a shoulder

A soft shoulder so you

Can lean on

The series of events

the constant changes

Can tears wash away the mortal pain?

to life, to love

can you join me

let us pray

that we will love

will care

and give our heart away to people who deserves

This is where I will stay

Under the soft hazy cloudy sky, hands toward heaven

Down on my knee, I pray