Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Have I ever loved someone, in their true creation; flaws and all
Have I ever understood the word unconditioned; practice and preach
Have I ever imagined someday the world will bring me to my knees; grateful and humble
My heart was broken and it made me stronger, softer
My soul is awake and feeling pain, good pain
Consequences, heartache, and responsibilities
Your love, your flaws, my love, my flaws; the teaching of an important lesson
The lesson of compassion, love, acceptance, and forgiveness
With my eyes wide open
I see you, all of you, not just an illusion of you
And you see me, all of me not just an illusion of myself
The veil is lifting and I see clearly for the first time
The lesson of love, of true heart, of compassion
Not only for others, but also for myself

Monday, December 23, 2013


Can you turn up the light and put the sparkle back in my eyes?
Can you make everything bright and shining again?

Lost a loved one feels like the light went out in my heart
I struggled in the dark searching for the switch
To switch everything back to a time in the past
When this new reality was just an illusion
One last inhale, no exhale
And you're gone to another world
I looked for your soul,
The wavering shape that just left your body
A gray shadow, a bluff of smoke
Something substantial so I can understand
The mystery of the afterworld

Your aftermath; Family, Love and Money
The legacy you left behind
Undone business, unsaid words, unforgotten deeds
Trails of trial and turbulence; hard lessons
Conversation went on in my head, loose string of sad thoughts
Should have done this, should have said that
We should have more time; you and I
There is nothing I can say
Nothing I can do to change the sad story
You are gone

When I see a bluff of gray smoke, I thought of you
Gaze toward the sky and wonder to myself; where are you?
Were your soul saved with our prayers by your dying bed?
Were all your sins forgiven when you took your last breath?

Can you light up the light and put hope back in my eyes?
Can you make everything alright again?
I need you to tell me that I don’t need to hide my sadness
And it is alright to miss you, to mourn you
For everything that you were, good or bad
Can you give me a sign, my dear brother?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The way it meant to be

If I get to do it all over again

I want to spend my time loving you; learning you

To look into my heart, dive deep into my fear

I will choose to trust, with the innocence of a little child

I will choose wisdom, to see beyond what my eyes can see

I will choose understanding, your heart, your love, your fear

If I get to do it all over again

I will put down my sword and armor

I will hold on tight to my brush

I will paint our days with laughter, with bold color of hope

I will heal our mortal pain with each stroke of paint

I will draw wings so our love can fly, high up in the deep blue sky

I will set us free, free from our own prison, our limitations

I will set us free so we can love each other

The way it meant to be…

Monday, October 18, 2010

Golden Heart

My father said “Prosperity is easy to reach but a golden heart is hard to find”

Waiting for a golden heart, I have for many years,

Dreaming for a soul that is tried and true, I have for many moons

Faithful to the only thing I know, my heart

You came to me not quietly, not unsuspectingly

But uncannily,

You read my heart, shattered my armor

You melted my layers, ice cold fear

I asked my father, “Have I found my golden heart”

He walked with me in my dream and said, “Look into your heart”


I want to give you my golden heart

For today... and for always!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take me home

Most of my days, my nights
I spend alone;
whispering prayers under the quivering lights
Thousands of miles, oh solemn miles
Far away from the place I was born
You wake me, in the early hours
Twinkles in your eyes
Smile on your face
When you hold me
You take me back home
You take me back to my childhood home, where love resides
Where everything exists now only in my mind
Most of my days, of my nights
I spend like a child. Who's afraid of ghosts in my mind!
I know, there is nothing out there
I'm still afraid to turn on the lights
Although now
Most of my days I spend alone in my mind
A thousand miles from the place I was born
When you hold me
You take me back home

Friday, August 6, 2010


In the game of love
Always one person gets left behind in the cold
Love is not the same I have been told
When you are the one with nothing left to hold
For better for worst until the day we are old
He said
She said
But in the end
When we are all looking for another chance
Another chance of love, another chance of life
We left behind the one
The one lesson; to have but not to hold
We find another horizon, another sky to fly
To spread the broken wings, to try
But can you hear; my late at night, my early morning’s cries
Can you hear the flutter of my heart
by the window sills
Like a lark, travel only at night
I sing you lullaby, deep in your sleep, in your dream
The one lesson;
To have but not to hold until the day we are old!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mother's words

My mother said don’t live your life waiting for the other shoe to fall
She said; live your life like today is your last day, with no fear
Swirl with joy, dance with pain, and laugh with tears
When life delivers happiness, open your arms, your heart
And when life is dry and sad, sit and wait
Everything she said and tried to instill in my mind
She said; look into a person’s eyes so you can see their sky
Look for the true color for doesn’t matter how much you try
People are people; they will be what they will be
Choose wisely
The company you keep
For to change a person, the chance is very steep
It’s not necessary the reflection of your values, moral codes
But it is a reflection of how you view the world, your world
Slow down, she said; life is short enough
Take today and live in today
Don’t go look for trouble
And don’t look back
My mother said life is a game of wait and go
When life offers opportunities you don’t ask
My mother said so
And when life’s struggle is too great, let sit it out and wait
Love is strength and harshness that heart of your
Think with your heart but never let go of your head
The power is in you
All started with you and will end with YOU

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All Along

Dance, dance quietly
Swaying slowly, the little girl under the night sky
Hands are reaching high
Gathering stars and dreams
Gathering hearts and wishes
And she was all alone
Dance, dance quietly
Swaying slowly, in the stream of life
Hands are spreading wide
Letting go of old memories
Letting go of distance past
And she is no longer alone
Love has found her, has been around her
All along!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


She flies away so far into the sky, so high

so bright the sun

My eyes can’t see, blurred with tears

She flies away quietly into the night

her wings landed softly

settled into her dreams

where her heart resides

and it is no longer

by my side

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Woke up today and I am in love

Flutter lights of dawn like butterflies

seeped through the windows, landed on my hands

Empty hands

Gentle little squeeze of his void overwhelmed my heart, my soul

Caressed the thought of his warm embrace, kisses

of everything amiss, the silence, his emptiness

Gasped for air

My heart, vulnerable again, open again, soft again

My soul, naked again, aware again, alive again

Fully alert of the new sensation,

the quiet intruder

Crawling under my skin like parasites, eat away layer by layer

my control