Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Time

I can’t breath

The air is thicken and I can’t see through the fog

My illusions, the world is the stage of plays

Each plot lay out with all details carefully orchestrated

Each line tailored to a specific point in time

God is mighty and I am but his hand puppet, the veil of illusions

is his grand scheme





Close my eyes sink deep down in to my soul

Ask my guardian angel, my inner wisdom

Where to go

To find my truth

To find your truth

What to do when my heart is full of love

Reaching for the impossible, to hold on to us through time

through eternity

It feels like I have been here before

face with the same question many life times ago

with you, with you, and with you

It seems like our karma caught up with us

waiting for the circle to be completed

waiting for an answer to the quiz of life

Say yes to life and love

Or say maybe,

maybe we will wait

We will wait to be one together in another life time?

Just like I did, you did many life times


Monday, March 22, 2010


Every time I cried you wiped away the tears

You hold me close

and kept me safe

Every time I smiled it was your eyes

I looked into

Every embrace, every touch, every kiss,

Every time you smiled

my sky lighted up

The moon and stars filled with sparkles of joy

And every time you said your world

is a brighter place because of me

I smiled quietly

just like the mirrors, we reflected

each other inner skies through our eyes


Like sweet angels from heaven

He visited me in my dreams, whispering softly the song of love

Soft touch of his lips upon my brows

Kiss away all worries and the world’s woes

Wipe away the tears and the heartache

He said he was always there

One step aside

One step ahead

One step behind

But never far away, I said I heard his voice in my dreams

Like I have heard his whispers, waiting for a chance

Waiting for the day we will meet


for our souls to find

the path

to each other

So we can catch every sunset and sunrise

In each other’s eyes

Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

In the lack of fear, love is the best gift you can give to someone and can’t help but receive the benefit in return. I am glowing with peace

I am naughty but my naughtiness is aim to please and bring no pain

I found God; not in heaven but in my heart when I am one with the one I love

When I look into your eyes all I can see is the reflection of my soul; are you my soul mate?

Separation from you can be painful at time but it is a good pain, the kind of pain that signals deeper connection

When a simple walk turned into a journey of the two of us exploring the world together, I know I have found my playmate. I love to see the world through your eyes, full of curiosity and wonder

When you whisper in my ears sweet love, my heart sings

Trust can’t be earned through words alone, action has to follow suit

Don’t make promises about tomorrow since I don’t know tomorrow will come; each breath is fragile and sacred. I just want to live each day brand new again with you

I love you

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dance with my father

Dance with my father

I never had that chance

To be in his arms and listen to him telling me how beautiful I am

Dance with my father

to be little girl I have never got the chance to be

Dad, I am forever broken you see

Not to be able to be with you in your last moment

To tell you how much you meant to me, how much I love you

To thank you


Will you be the angel to guide me through this confusion world

to teach me how to open my heart

To take risk and to learn how to trust

And to dance again

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


And every time my heart wandered and I did not

And every time my soul relented and I stayed center

I know

I have found something special

Something worth paying attention to, something worth taking notes

In late night time stands still

Soft lights reflect on the yellow walls

And the shadow of my dream reminds me of a girl,

brown eyes girl

In love there is no absolute antidote

No right or wrong mixtures of how much I care

How much I will give

And how much I will risk

The measure comes in the night, when all are still

And the only voice I hear

Is the beating of my heart

The beautiful voice of my truth

Do you know your truth?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


She said to me,

spread your wings

and fly like the butterfly you meant to be

She said, time is right and the open sky is in full spring

Lavender, red, purple and pink

She said love waits for no one and spares no heart

It’s hanging by for a moment

Don’t let your dream fall short

When love come knocking, please do what you always taught

Open your heart

allow love to come in

I held her close and whispered in her ears

You have me in this life

And many life to come

I love you and for eternity that the way it will be

She said to me,

Everything you are

Everything you will be

Is everything

I want to be

Fly, Mommy

Your job here is done

Don’t waste a moment, don’t hesitate,

please open the gate

And let life in

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The inner lights, my sky, stars

Sparkle bright, your love



Your lips, your hands, your eyes, a piece of your sky

Slow touch,


of your lips

Wild tangle hairs

Hold me close again, can you

Will you

Kiss me softer, softer

My soul

Coming loose

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Is it possible that I am falling in love with life

Is it possible that I am letting go

of my fear

Smiling this morning on my way through the street

I noticed

sweet white and pink cherry blossoms

Grace the dry rock walls and broken down fences

Wet leaves and cold air overwhelmed my senses

Nature at its best,

the cycles of the continuing universe

Winter is leaving and spring has come to stay

Is it possible that I am falling in love with me?

Is it possible that I embrace my all being?

Every strand of hair,

every freckle on my skin

The crooked smile, the sad eyes

and the confusing process

Of learning and dropping all my acquiring knowledge

Lessons of a certain yesterday

that no longer exist

Is it possible that every waking moment life can be good

Is it possible that I have arrived at the gate of my sky

This moment of inner peace;

of knowing

Is it possible?

Monday, March 8, 2010


There is beauty and there is beauty

The kind that pulls your heart out and claws at your soul

Gray sky, foggy horizon, tiny rain drops on my shoulders

There is happy and there is happy

The in awe feeling at nature's beauty and the overwhelming

feeling of knowing you are part of this beauty

Just like the pebbles I happened to be on the beach that day at that time

and tomorrow just like the pebbles I will get

swept up to a different shore by the tides of life

Constant changes, constant in flux

Longing for a safe harbor only to find out

I am already safe


now I will learn to float and let the waves carry me to


I need to be or will be

Maybe I will learn to be safe within my own skin

I am not a rationalist and definitely not a realist

I float in between where the dark night is saying good bye

and the warm sun has yet come

In between the dawn of consciousness and

the sleepiness of the subconscious mind. In between the

inconsolable adult and the raging child waiting to be loved

This is where I am and it is alright

Time to take care the need of oneself

Time to love and nourish that child like nobody ever loved her before

It has to come from me...

This love, this unconditional love that I long for; all my life

Friday, March 5, 2010

This Moment

Stillness of the soul, no conversation, no thoughts, no contemplation

There is no past, no future; there is just you and me

No gain, no lost, completely filled in this moment

Will you sit still with me?

Will you listen to the universe quiet whisper?

Of a new dawn on the verge of the ocean

Shivering in the darkness before the sunlight wake up all being

Will you sink down into the bottom of the sea?

And disappear with me, to become one with the universe

To go back to where we belong, speckles of sand

Naked, raw, collided

Dizzying in the ebb and flow of life

I am standing here; once again I see the sunrise

Hands folded close to my heart

Listened to the voice of the sky

Everything I need to hear, to not stray far away

From my truth, your truth

I meant to be here, right here with you, this moment!