Thursday, July 30, 2009

Le Mystère Du Coeur

Défaites le mystère du coeur
La quête de million de recherche d'années
Et sera un autre million d'ans après que vous
Ce qui fait les papillons a battu
Fera aussi l'offre du cœur
Le scintillement dans les yeux de votre amant
Les lignes d'un visage souriant
La réflexion du ciel
Vous tombez amoureux et de l'amour
Continuez à chercher un divin
Étreinte de mains et chaude douce
L'amant, le meilleur ami, ou une d'une sorte ?

Friday, July 24, 2009

My butterflies

A mother’s love
Where it ends and where it begins?
I watch my angels grow
Those eyes, those lips, those hands used to be so small
Those little fingers used to hang on to my sleeve
Those little lips used to chirp like little birds
Those little eyes used to shine into my heart
Where has time gone?
It was yesterday that I hold you
In my cradle close to my heart
I love you and I give you my life
Each breath I take harbored the lives of three
Each step I take carried the weight of you and me
It has been awhile since I stop and notice
Of how much you have grown
And how much you have made me proud
And I wonder how much I remember
How much I have kept in my heart
The memories of the two little girls
With little hands, little feet, and little eyes
Today I miss dearly
The two little angels that call me Mommy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The space between

Another change, another destination, another phase…The fall of WAMU is now creating new opportunities and new directions in my destiny… East Coast and Bay Areas employment opportunities are calling my name… Decision, cross-road, destiny…The little girl in me is frightened with the changes around me. The engineer, survivor in me said “Toughen up kid here come the ride of your life, again”. Five wonderful years in the Emerald City and my heart is just now taking roots… I love Seattle but is it meant to be? I am looking for sign and maybe I am looking too hard. But I know this for a fact; it doesn’t matter where I go… I will carry you with me… your kind heart, your friendship, and the wisdom that you have shared with me…

Now let's see where the wind of change will take you, me…

The space between, where I can’t see the horizon
Where the past hasn’t gone away completely and the future hasn’t revealed itself
The space between, where my heart resides and my head resists
Where logic dictates my actions but the pain is hard to miss
Where instinct and rationale raised war on the battle field of choice
The space between, feels like the door is closing and I am hanging on by a thread
Another phase is coming and my world is still enclosed within past memories instead
Trust, faith; believe in the universal truth, do good and do well
But well and good cost a soul and some heartbreak
Cost a lifetime of searching and growing, cost lots of tears and strength to hang on
Cost a heart and dreams of a little girl, brown eyed girl
Balls of steel, iron will, dead on focus
The weight of the world or the weight of my own choices
Square shoulders, head held high; it is just another phase?
Revolving doors, why can’t I stand still?