Friday, February 26, 2010

Matters of the heart

In the matters of the heart, trust comes in many folds
I don’t need to know where your heart has been;
I want to know where your heart is now
It doesn’t matter you were a fool yesterday, I only need
to know if you have learn the lessons today
I don’t ask questions because life should be unfold
not force
Because what I feel, see will surpass what you will tell me
And maybe my senses will lead me astray, I will be humbled
again by another lesson life has afford me.
I trust my heart and my inner voice
It recognizes greatness and never failed to
report in the past. It also warns me of illusions
offers doses of reality when I am ready to receive.
I don’t tell you much because the past
but a blur of the lessons I have had
And everything you want to know, to learn about me
will come in due time.
When I am ready when you are ready
Like the beautiful daffodils maybe life and love need the dormant period gathering strength to grow
And maybe in the way life unfold; we can both learn something about each other
To trust what our heart tell us and not fear what it will do to us
If we can embrace life experience whole-heartedly
Maybe we will learn for the first time
The lesson of love

Monday, February 22, 2010

Robin's lights

Every single person comes into our lives to teach a lesson
We can choose
I hope you choose this one
Without predicting the future; yes in some way it depicts the future choices you will make
It will teach tolerance and test your will
It will horn your skill and perfecting your self-awareness
Your fragile soul; shivering in the light of vulnerability and love
The mysterious power of surrender to oneself
To let God and let enough be enough
To live in the moment without worrying about the next
To be your amazing self and sing your song for many to enjoy
For others to bask in your lights; Robin’s lights!

The Way

It is not in the way you say how you feel
It is not in the way you jump at the opportunity to make me laugh
It is not in the way you try to hide your vulnerability
It is in the way you see your soul
The way you listen and smile silently to yourself
The way you say thank you for the beautiful verses
The way you define yourself
Happy to see the world and happy to share the joy
In the world of sameness, of corruption and broken dreams
You reminded me of a shining star, blinking above the sky
Waiting for a comet; passing by with the fairy tale of a happy ending