Monday, February 22, 2010

Robin's lights

Every single person comes into our lives to teach a lesson
We can choose
I hope you choose this one
Without predicting the future; yes in some way it depicts the future choices you will make
It will teach tolerance and test your will
It will horn your skill and perfecting your self-awareness
Your fragile soul; shivering in the light of vulnerability and love
The mysterious power of surrender to oneself
To let God and let enough be enough
To live in the moment without worrying about the next
To be your amazing self and sing your song for many to enjoy
For others to bask in your lights; Robin’s lights!


Anonymous said...

If it is all the same to you,
and if you don't mind,
I would just as soon
let you do the singing.

I will be in your audience,
And, maybe, you will be mine.
My audience of one.

Little White Cloud said...

The heart song that silent fear and enforce peace
The only song I want to sing
May I bring hope and love to the one that can hear the silence verses
And in healing hearts, maybe my heart will get a chance to heal

Little White Cloud said...
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