Monday, December 23, 2013


Can you turn up the light and put the sparkle back in my eyes?
Can you make everything bright and shining again?

Lost a loved one feels like the light went out in my heart
I struggled in the dark searching for the switch
To switch everything back to a time in the past
When this new reality was just an illusion
One last inhale, no exhale
And you're gone to another world
I looked for your soul,
The wavering shape that just left your body
A gray shadow, a bluff of smoke
Something substantial so I can understand
The mystery of the afterworld

Your aftermath; Family, Love and Money
The legacy you left behind
Undone business, unsaid words, unforgotten deeds
Trails of trial and turbulence; hard lessons
Conversation went on in my head, loose string of sad thoughts
Should have done this, should have said that
We should have more time; you and I
There is nothing I can say
Nothing I can do to change the sad story
You are gone

When I see a bluff of gray smoke, I thought of you
Gaze toward the sky and wonder to myself; where are you?
Were your soul saved with our prayers by your dying bed?
Were all your sins forgiven when you took your last breath?

Can you light up the light and put hope back in my eyes?
Can you make everything alright again?
I need you to tell me that I don’t need to hide my sadness
And it is alright to miss you, to mourn you
For everything that you were, good or bad
Can you give me a sign, my dear brother?