Friday, August 6, 2010


In the game of love
Always one person gets left behind in the cold
Love is not the same I have been told
When you are the one with nothing left to hold
For better for worst until the day we are old
He said
She said
But in the end
When we are all looking for another chance
Another chance of love, another chance of life
We left behind the one
The one lesson; to have but not to hold
We find another horizon, another sky to fly
To spread the broken wings, to try
But can you hear; my late at night, my early morning’s cries
Can you hear the flutter of my heart
by the window sills
Like a lark, travel only at night
I sing you lullaby, deep in your sleep, in your dream
The one lesson;
To have but not to hold until the day we are old!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mother's words

My mother said don’t live your life waiting for the other shoe to fall
She said; live your life like today is your last day, with no fear
Swirl with joy, dance with pain, and laugh with tears
When life delivers happiness, open your arms, your heart
And when life is dry and sad, sit and wait
Everything she said and tried to instill in my mind
She said; look into a person’s eyes so you can see their sky
Look for the true color for doesn’t matter how much you try
People are people; they will be what they will be
Choose wisely
The company you keep
For to change a person, the chance is very steep
It’s not necessary the reflection of your values, moral codes
But it is a reflection of how you view the world, your world
Slow down, she said; life is short enough
Take today and live in today
Don’t go look for trouble
And don’t look back
My mother said life is a game of wait and go
When life offers opportunities you don’t ask
My mother said so
And when life’s struggle is too great, let sit it out and wait
Love is strength and harshness that heart of your
Think with your heart but never let go of your head
The power is in you
All started with you and will end with YOU