Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Zen way ~
Great Doubt, Great Awakening
Little Doubt, Little Awakening
No Doubt, No Awakening

Doubt is a part of my making
It is the way of how I see things
Steps I take, moves I make
The evidence of my illusions
The more I learn, less I know
School of life, the day I die I graduate

Who is happier, those who are aware, and doubt, or those who are sure of what they believe in, and have never doubted or questioned? The answer was that this has nothing to do with happiness. Happiness came upon you like the weather determined by your own personality.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Soul Mate

In thousand paths
And thousands of people
What is the chance that we will meet
Eyes to eyes
Soul to soul
What is the chance that we will walk
Side by side on the street of Lovers lane
Are you the thousand winds that blow
Are you the soft lifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight
I look at the soft star and wish
You are the morning light
You are the thousand kisses
You are the gentle touches
You are there in the morning hush

Sunday, December 20, 2009

To be loved

He asked me
Do you love me more than you love yourself?
I responded
I die for me but I live for you
I draw each breath for me
But my heart beats for you
In loving you
I drop all that I know
My past, my pain, my lost, my gain
I drop my everything
In loving you
I have become a scholar
I find stars are just holes to heaven
I find dreams are just gate to our souls
I find love is my divine right
To feel, to touch, to cry, to try
I find new me
I find new you
I love you
I love myself

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Beginning

Step by step
The world outside of my window...
The Paris's sky
The mind of Rodin
The beauty of art
The beating of my heart
The passion shared by so many souls
The beginning or is it the end
The endless cycle of death and rebirth
If not for the arts that left behind
for thousands to witness
Thousands of heartbeat
Or thousands of heart; skip a beat!
The silent notes in between