Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Zen way ~
Great Doubt, Great Awakening
Little Doubt, Little Awakening
No Doubt, No Awakening

Doubt is a part of my making
It is the way of how I see things
Steps I take, moves I make
The evidence of my illusions
The more I learn, less I know
School of life, the day I die I graduate

Who is happier, those who are aware, and doubt, or those who are sure of what they believe in, and have never doubted or questioned? The answer was that this has nothing to do with happiness. Happiness came upon you like the weather determined by your own personality.

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Anonymous said...

do you realize how gifted you are?

the gift of introspection, the way you reach within yourself to spot what your true nature is and identify the source of happiness and sorrows
the gift of art, how you transform the simple things in your life, both good and painful, into a work of art for others to enjoy
the gift of words, placing the incredibly complex human nature on paper and making a poem out of it
the gift of friendship, you will never - let me me say that again, NEVER - be alone. even when you don't realize it, you are in the hearts of so many people.

Happy New Year!

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