Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am done with love but love is not done with me

If I let this little voice goes away, if I don’t tell you how I feel, if I just live half a life, if and if and if…

Give and take;
How can I make this delicate balance a stable in my life?
The overwhelming feeling of being alone
in a relationship, misunderstood
I dream of you; someone with bigger hands,
bigger feet, bigger heart
to embrace my little hands, feet, and heart.
And in return
I give back my heart , my soul,
endless devotion and love.
When I look up to you, on my tiptoes looking for a kiss
When I hug you, squeeze you tight with my skinny arms
When I curl up, trying to mold to you in bed for warm
When I look deep into your eyes looking for the ocean of love
that I know exist;
looking for the depth of your soul
where love is profound and deep and true.
Can you feel it?
My need to look up, to respect, to regard,
to give, to rely on you when I am happy, sad, weary, strong… I need you.

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