Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life is never easy for those who dream

Under the boundless soothing sky
My eyes reach for the edge of the world and still
Wet grass, old leaves, blush cheeks, wild tangled hairs
Watching the day slipped away slowly in perfect rhythm
Have you ever been told, being alone is better than been lonely?
In cities no one is quiet but many souls are sad
Where I am, people are quiet but their hearts are full
The heart; the only broken instrument that work
I am not going to think that this world is only cold
If you want to come to my humble home
I have a rocking chair that have been known to bear heavy load
I am prepared to listen if you can speak in silence
Up here the sky is green and all you care is in between
Come this way, come with me let's get undone
Deep in my dream, deep in a dream
That's where you will find me; I hope you will find you

"The highest task for a bond between two people
Each protects the solitude of the other"

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