Friday, August 6, 2010


In the game of love
Always one person gets left behind in the cold
Love is not the same I have been told
When you are the one with nothing left to hold
For better for worst until the day we are old
He said
She said
But in the end
When we are all looking for another chance
Another chance of love, another chance of life
We left behind the one
The one lesson; to have but not to hold
We find another horizon, another sky to fly
To spread the broken wings, to try
But can you hear; my late at night, my early morning’s cries
Can you hear the flutter of my heart
by the window sills
Like a lark, travel only at night
I sing you lullaby, deep in your sleep, in your dream
The one lesson;
To have but not to hold until the day we are old!

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