Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Time

I can’t breath

The air is thicken and I can’t see through the fog

My illusions, the world is the stage of plays

Each plot lay out with all details carefully orchestrated

Each line tailored to a specific point in time

God is mighty and I am but his hand puppet, the veil of illusions

is his grand scheme





Close my eyes sink deep down in to my soul

Ask my guardian angel, my inner wisdom

Where to go

To find my truth

To find your truth

What to do when my heart is full of love

Reaching for the impossible, to hold on to us through time

through eternity

It feels like I have been here before

face with the same question many life times ago

with you, with you, and with you

It seems like our karma caught up with us

waiting for the circle to be completed

waiting for an answer to the quiz of life

Say yes to life and love

Or say maybe,

maybe we will wait

We will wait to be one together in another life time?

Just like I did, you did many life times


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Anonymous said...

you need to turn back now.

in that direction lies madness.

your quest is not in a circle

but an eternal line

that follows you endlessly.

sometimes, it crosses and entangles other's lines.

madness lies there where you entangle yourself

in your own destiny/path/lifeline.

go back to move ahead.

You need to turn back now.

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