Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Will you

How long has it been since our lives got changed so violently?  How long has it been since my heart got frozen and won't open up again?  Today the memories of us come flooding back and filled my heart with sorrow.  Reminiscing is something I always tried to avoid.  The past has gone and change is the fact of life.  But why so much in my life?  I walked under the rain, got my hair wet, my toes are freezing in my flip flop (and yes I still wear flip flop even it is freezing in Seattle) looking for a coffee shop.  How could anybody not love Seattle?  How could I not fall in love with Seattle?  It is here that I can bare my joy, my pain.  You would like Seattle too.  We can walk to the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drink for all that matter.  You can watch me pile on sweater, coat, scarf and you can tease me that I look like a polar bear with all my padding.  You would like it, I know.
I am happy and I am not happy.  I have my good day and I have my bad days.  And just like everybody else I hate my bad days.  I am just another particle in the vast pool of life.  You were there like a hurricane, swept me off my feet and off you went to the another destination... How does life work?  I am still learning, still wondering when life will be simpler.  This is where I am.  This is who I am.  And I miss what we had together.  I am afraid that our memories will fade away and I will loose you forever to the wings of time.  I  miss you.
We can't turn back time.  Life moves on without skipping a beat... But somewhere deep down in my heart, time stop and there you are smiling at me with your twinkle eyes.
Will you forget
Will I forget
Will this world keep turning until we meet again
Close my eyes and I can see your sky
Feel your touch and I miss your smile
This walk
This way
This kiss
This heart belongs to you
A split second decision; a life time consequences
Twisted world or parallel universes
Will you find me again along the path of life
Will you hold me close and don't let me go again
One love
The only love
Will you forget
Will I forget

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