Thursday, May 21, 2009


Love, lost, illusion, pain, trust, hope, faith, joy, truth

What does Truth look like God?
How do I know when Truth smiles upon me?
Will Truth come quietly in the night and covers me with peaceful warm embrace
Or shakes me up and thrashes me around until I shed my old self and wake up anew
Is Truth fair, beautiful, and sparkle like a star? Is Truth the singing bird that bathed in the fountain every morning?
Or the lightning that struck last evening, did Truth came loud and angry because we didn’t listen carefully?
Is Truth presence in all things or only in something, is Truth righteous or forgiving?
Will you give me a sign when Truth comes knocking on my door
since I don’t know what Truth looks like, smells like, or sounds like
Dear God, can you let me know when I stand in the presence of Truth?
Thank you, God!

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