Thursday, May 13, 2010


Woke up today and I am in love

Flutter lights of dawn like butterflies

seeped through the windows, landed on my hands

Empty hands

Gentle little squeeze of his void overwhelmed my heart, my soul

Caressed the thought of his warm embrace, kisses

of everything amiss, the silence, his emptiness

Gasped for air

My heart, vulnerable again, open again, soft again

My soul, naked again, aware again, alive again

Fully alert of the new sensation,

the quiet intruder

Crawling under my skin like parasites, eat away layer by layer

my control


Anonymous said...

I am supposed to be happy for you?

Your love - like liquid oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Happiness ~ the flickering light at the end of the tunnel
All that have such compassionate heart will find the light comforting
I find it discouraging

Little White Cloud said...

I dream of a love that would last through distance, through adversity, through time. The one love that would heal million years of heartache and united; despite of race, color, age, background. Will I success? Only time will tell.

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