Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The way it meant to be

If I get to do it all over again

I want to spend my time loving you; learning you

To look into my heart, dive deep into my fear

I will choose to trust, with the innocence of a little child

I will choose wisdom, to see beyond what my eyes can see

I will choose understanding, your heart, your love, your fear

If I get to do it all over again

I will put down my sword and armor

I will hold on tight to my brush

I will paint our days with laughter, with bold color of hope

I will heal our mortal pain with each stroke of paint

I will draw wings so our love can fly, high up in the deep blue sky

I will set us free, free from our own prison, our limitations

I will set us free so we can love each other

The way it meant to be…

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Anonymous said...

Someone who loves being in love.


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