Thursday, April 2, 2009

Magical Place - Seattle

Dark night, street light
Drizzle rain drops on my shoulders
Walking thru the street of Seattle, I remember
Years ago on the street of Dalat
Years ago on the street of OC
The dry heat, the sunshine
The hectic streets, the friendly faces
How did I get here?
Why I am here?
Dark night, street light
Walking to my bus stop
Anxious to get home, a place I now call home
Shaded trees, calling birds, whispering creek
Quiet winds dancing, Maple leaves singing
Dark night, street light
I am in awe and so much in love
All my wishes and dreams realized right here
On the streets of Seattle wet with rain and full with lights

It is true; life is full of surprises and not in my control
It is true, life brought tears and pain but also joy
It is true, life’s magic shows only to the believer
I am a true believer of the magical place called life

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