Sunday, December 20, 2009

To be loved

He asked me
Do you love me more than you love yourself?
I responded
I die for me but I live for you
I draw each breath for me
But my heart beats for you
In loving you
I drop all that I know
My past, my pain, my lost, my gain
I drop my everything
In loving you
I have become a scholar
I find stars are just holes to heaven
I find dreams are just gate to our souls
I find love is my divine right
To feel, to touch, to cry, to try
I find new me
I find new you
I love you
I love myself


Diah Romanticha Verhage said...

I love it...I love it... I love it all.

eyes2s said...

lovely ...those words r so touching

eyes2s said...

lovely words

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