Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today is all I have

The talk and dance of self

Still the mind so my eyes can open
Still the tongue so my heart can fly
Still the sounds, music, sights, and words
Lift the veil of illusions so I can see real life
The more things are changing the more they
stay the same, I keep running but the road
leads to the same place I came, Life keeps changing
but the core of “I” doesn’t change; part living, part dying
Marching to my train stop; racing to somewhere
where am I racing to?
My mortal life; It's just a flare
News of another soul passed away to a far away place
News of another birth, an innocent soul enters earth to stay
News I woke up this morning and wanting to live
Today is all I have and all I have is today

Tribute to my friend John and his fight against cancer. His words “If I get to do it again, V! I would choose love and life. I will work less, worry less and laugh more. Now every laugh harbors chest pain and tears but I will not stop laughing. Take care of yourself and don’t wait to be happy because life waits for no one!”


Anonymous said...

Take on Life. Go get 'em John!

Little White Cloud said...

When someone you love goes away, He hasn't taken the meaning of life with him but he had slowed down the process. Yet another day is over, and what was accomplished, where are we headed? Do we listen to other than our own monstrous ego and the immense filter of our personality. I lost John! It was his sound I reacted to, the song he was playing quietly under the protected armor. What did I hear? What did I learn? Nothing!!~ I miss you John!

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