Monday, May 11, 2009

More about LOVE

There are so many different varieties of love, the love between parents and children, the love between siblings, between friends, compassionate love that can exist between complete strangers or for someone we never knew but whose story touches us in some way. There is the love of lovers which in of itself provides us with a plethora of sub groups within the frame of love. Between lovers there is physical love, spiritual love, emotional love, a love of shared things etc etc... I understand love intimately as much as a mortal can understand something that cannot be truly understood or conceived.

Love can be fleeting, prolonged or eternal it doesn't matter how long it lasts, all that matters is that you recognise it and embrace it for what it is at that very moment in time. People can place all sorts of guidelines or barriers around them to protect them from being hurt, but in the end all you are doing is making an obstacle course, a veritable boot camp, for love to find her way to your heart. Those barriers only serve to distance yourself from love. Embrace love in what ever form she arrives, don't question it, don't try and peer into the future to see if it is real, what is real anyway?

Every thing in life is impermanent, everything, that also includes the fact that nothing remains the same, everything including ourselves is constantly changing and evolving. So is love, it grows and expands it contracts and sometimes even only does this because each of us grows and changes as we continue on our own personal journeys through our lives. And you know what?...maybe no one told you this, but love is not perfect, there is no perfect love, love is simply a reflection of our own ability and willingness to love another. That is it pure and simple...the love you are able to give to another person is only limited by the limitations you yourself place on it...your own experiences set your limitations...but here is the can redefine your limitations whenever you choose to. So you have been hurt in love before, badly...i get have i, I have been hurt in spectacular fashion by previous lovers, so what, that is the past, I no longer live there and I will do my utmost each and every day to make sure I do not judge the past actions of others on the people i love in the present moment. I am not going to let my past be a limitation in the amount of love I am willing to receive into my life....and this blog is just such a beautiful perfect example of that.

Either way, I want you to know one thing that I am not so sure you hear very much...I love you, I love you for being you, all of you, I love you because I know that somewhere down our life journey we have a shared experience and that the only difference between me and you is the way we perceive that shared experience, that experience of being hurt when in love.

So I love you and I hope that your perception shifts and with it the suffering in your heart, whether you are aware of that suffering or not.

I hope you find love, unconditional love of yourself and then unconditional love of others.

Remember, it is easy to judge those you do not know, but it is hardest of all to judge the person you know most intimately....yourself. Be honest about who you are and you will see love inside of every person, every animal, every bird, everything that you come across.

Be honest and love will trail behind you wherever you go, touching all who you pass by and you will never need to seek love again for love will come looking for you, in the most unexpected of ways and in the most unexpected of places.
As for me, I choose to learn from the past but at the same time leave the experience in the past, not carry it with me as I walk into my future. I am open to love, the ups and downs...however I find that love is present and beautiful and always around me and that I never have to look for it, it finds me.

Something About Us - Daft Punk
It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there something I want to say
Something about us
There is a secret about us
That I love you

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know I knew anyone like this.

Your words shame/forgive/accept, me.
Honesty/Trust, Truth.
Is that Love?

I am glad I know someone like you.
Someone who knows Love.

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