Monday, August 31, 2009


There is a moment in the middle of a yoga pose, the instructor reminds all to make peace with the “asana”, your breath. To bring your focus back to the third eye and make peace with the pose. The moment where my thousand tongues stop, my breath deepens, and I sink deeper into my body. The earth vibrates through the balls of my feet, the lightness of the air slowly folds into me. Every cell sings and flows like a song. I can’t tell where I begin and where the other ends. Surroundings become a blur and I smile, slowly into myself; eyes closed and I smile. The joy of being in the present is so powerful, the act itself blooms into a smile; the Buddha’s smile. I experience existence in every pore of my body. Head held high, back straight, smiling.
There is nothing else I need to learn at this moment. There is nothing else I need to do. Everything has happened, happened. Everything is exactly where it is. I am exactly where I am. Just is, the true heart, my true nature. I have arrived, I am home and unto myself. Nothing needs to change, just is. The moment of peace, of love; transcendent and peaceful.

Pain and joy are part of my making; only I can distinguish
The world is not perfect and I can't fix everything
I excel in my own imperfection and embrace other's imperfection
Nothing has to be forever or perfect or according to my wish
Life is full of ebb and flow; just what I need, you need
One heart beat, one rhythm, one chaotic universe; we are part of creation
You and I; our uniqueness add color and shape to this beautiful world


Anonymous said...

I dwell in a joyful housed I know
That vanished many years ago,
And left no trace but the silent walls,
And despair on which no daylight falls.

Though two, close-keeping, are lass and lad
that none among them that ever sings,
As sweet companions as might be had,
but for safe contentment loneliness brings.

Little White Cloud said...

You close the doors
to your house after sunset
Lock away your own shadow
your heart has nothing to show
A room full of nothing
translucent underneath your skin
The reflection in the mirror
Your lonely soul
It's time to stop hiding,
let the moon light guide you
Feel the joy of being alive
You already arrived

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