Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

Salt Water - Can the ocean be your muse? Can it inspire you to not just simply see different things but to see things differently?

Character - Strength is not in force. Strength is in compassion and kindness of action.

Give the gift of happiness - I am wild about lasting impressions

Make a world of difference - There are a million reasons to make memories together do you know?

Something good is bound to happen
This is no time to think small
Create something great
Change a life

From dream to reality - If you've turn your dream into reality, let the world know

Pain - If you don't know what cause a person pain, you don't know how to love them

Compassion - Real teacher of compassion is love. The seed is sown very early in our childhood with our mother

Humility - Life is not always about you. It is not about a destination. Stay true to yourself, do your best each step of the way and you will never have to worry about destiny.

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Wonderful. More please.

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