Thursday, March 11, 2010


She said to me,

spread your wings

and fly like the butterfly you meant to be

She said, time is right and the open sky is in full spring

Lavender, red, purple and pink

She said love waits for no one and spares no heart

It’s hanging by for a moment

Don’t let your dream fall short

When love come knocking, please do what you always taught

Open your heart

allow love to come in

I held her close and whispered in her ears

You have me in this life

And many life to come

I love you and for eternity that the way it will be

She said to me,

Everything you are

Everything you will be

Is everything

I want to be

Fly, Mommy

Your job here is done

Don’t waste a moment, don’t hesitate,

please open the gate

And let life in

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