Friday, March 20, 2009

I touch the sky

I am learning to grow intimate with my weakness so the strength I gain won't be hollow.

I have been thru the revolving doors. Now I want to stand still.

Dante's definition of hell:
Proximity without intimacy.

Duty is like washing your hand when it’s dirty. When duty and love become one, you have grace in your life.

Like Pinocchio I strive to become REAL… Instead of a wooden heart, instead of a hard shell I want to be soft and vulnerable.

I want to get away from wanting to fit into that PERFECT MOLD. Have a good job with high pay. Stay in good shape doesn’t matter how busy I am. Always loving and caring and never show my true feelings. (Being that perfect porcelain doll came to mindJ and it's breakable). I just want to be ME.

When the mind stop turning, wisdom speak.

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