Sunday, March 8, 2009

You inspired me - from CK

I read you word, memories flash in my mind,
I hearken back to those happy childhood times,
days spent in play, my days of youth,
the world then was filled with simple truths,
and Mom and Dad were always right,
things then seemed so black and white.
And when the sun hid above the clouds,
and on the ground they cast a shroud,
I went on with my childhood games,
for after rain I knew the rainbows came.
Sometimes I long for those easier days,
those happy, carefree, simple ways,
when the world was just a place to play.
But I take comfort in the thought,
of what my age and growth has brought,
I realize that simpler time,
was just a product of my childhood mind,
for as I flourished in my youth,
my parents shielded me from life's harder truths,
they made for me a world with little care,
where dreams came true if you dared
and so as your parents did for you,
you do for your children too,
and as you shield them from the world's hurt and despise,
you may glimpse the world through their eyes,
and in the glimpse of childhood fun and simple truths,
we get a little chance to relive youth...

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