Thursday, March 26, 2009

My personal ad

Everybody told me I need to put a list together to solidify the perfect man for me so the universe can send him my way, here you go.

If you know of anyone that match the list, send him my way...:-)

Looking for a strong minded man. A fighter.
I need to have the mental "ummmphhh" with you.
A rugged intellectual. Too cool to care and too cute to worry.
Someone who is willing to challenge me and let me win sometimes and kick my behind sometimes.
A gentleman ruffneck. A bad boy that loves and respects his mama.
Someone with a big heart. Will fight for justice and little puppies.
Someone that believes good things happen to good people and good looking people too. Have a sense of humor.
Appreciate fun trouble because it is good for the soul. But you need to know how to get out of trouble when you are deep in it.
Someone with no insecurity and jealousy baggage. I left mine on the conveyor belt overseas so it can’t find its way back to me. You should do the same.
And understand I will not give up my identity for anyone.
I know my moral boundaries, so should you.
UBU so ICBME (You be you so I can be me)


Little White Cloud said...


Nancy App:"Ah, sorry! He is taken and his name is Charles, but he better not pissed me off. I am looking, I am looking."
Chris Sagg: "You had your chance while I was living in Seattle. Guess you missed it"
Susan John: "LOL -- good luck in finding this 'wish list', don't think they made this
mold for a man. My belief is that when you experience the 'miracle of love', your 'wish
list' will not matter as much!!"
James Bit: "No such thing as a perfect man"
Thi: "Like fireman? Does he need to write poem or like to read poetry? How about a movie character to describe the rugged intellectual bit. How often does he has to kick your behind, every day, every week? What about Michael in the God Father?

Little White Cloud said...

And this is my responses:
"Eat your heart out"

"He doesn't have to like poetry but he shouldn't have problem with my sentimental side either. In the movie "I am with Lucy" she found her best friend at the end. He can kick my behind anytime if i deserve it... Michael Corleone is dreamy, charming, powerful, loyal to a fault and has a big heart."

"I love you too much to steal your husband from you LOL.... miss you a bunch... Ant was very close to the mold but I guess God had different plan for me right??????"

"I needed some quiet time and now I am ready to stick my neck out again "

Little White Cloud said...

Steve D: "I bet :-)"

Ann Soph: "I hear ya, and what a beautiful neck you have! I could see you with a really outgoing guy and you should try that one on for size. Grab yourself some gorgeous hunk:) I love you!"

Megan Ph: "I married to one already"

Little White Cloud said...

Nam: "I don't think you can find anyone like your brother".. umm this is Liz (Nam's girlfriend) response: "Nam is pretty amazing but I have to keep him on his toes right?".... My response: "LOL, I will stay out of this one!"

Teresa Ar: I will keep my eyes open... You deserve only the best"

Oh! in the name of love, we are all but slaves...

sashy54 said...

Enjoyed your post and attachments.

Holi Rae said...

I am so enjoying your work. Keep up the poetry. I love it!

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