Thursday, March 12, 2009

My heroes

Once you get to know somebody you start to realize they are human too. We each have our own stories to tell and a cross to bear. I always remind myself there are other heroes out there and I love to learn from them. My teachers are my family and everyday friends and their life’s experiences; you are one of them. I learn a little more about you and a little more about me. Pain, joy, laughter, tears, love, hate, want, need are passing emotion. Only wisdom is seeded deep in the soul so I am always striving for wisdom. Yes, my past pain some time resurfaced and driven my foolishness reaction. But I always try to take time off to slow down to contemplate and never fail to come back with a kinder newer perspective. My philosophy is it takes a stronger person to be kind. Cruel people are usually weak and full of fear. Because of this belief I am sometime give more to the people that hurt me. They need my compassion more; there is a pain that need to be healed behind the rage. So thank you for listening to my soft stories. The stories of victory and defeat; the stories of my life; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

CALM: do not react, speak slowly
RELAXED: smile often
UNCONCERNED: don't worry too much
UNTROUBLED: handle with grace
EASY: speak softly
SATISFIED: say thank you
SIMPLE: accept people for who they are
ENLIGHTEN: trust other will do the right thing
CLARIFY: ask question before assume
CERTAIN: be sure of myself
PROMISING: believe in good thing
RELIABLE: be on time, respect of other schedule

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