Friday, March 6, 2009

Never Lost

The test of time and test of grace
I might lost my grace but I still have time
It doesn't matter how hard I fall
Bouncing back is how I regain my grace
Short term goal versus long term plan
The instant fix is so hard to attain
To know yourself, what is the cost?
I am here; who I am is never lost
How far are you willing to go
How much are you willing to pay
On the journey that defines your own fate
My parents gave me life and taught me grace
Got nothing to do with race or where I was born
This is who I am and what I choose to be
A human with feelings and flesh, you see!
Yes, I have olive skin and brown eyes
And my eyes disappear when I smile
Just an appearance, just a borrow phase
In theory I am the "Little White Cloud"
In reality do you know what I am?
Am I a perception, a person, or just a face?

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