Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Your love, your care, your generous heart
I move on, I live, I grow
Life is a train that never stop
Never wait for a moment
But I want to take this moment
To stop and tell you
That I love you
I care and I understand
The power of love

Forever in debt of your generous heart
Of your loving, kindness and care
I am so sorry I can't be there in your need
To hold your hand and tell you how much I care
And let you cry on my shoulders
So Lisa
This life and so many lives to come
We will be kindred spirits
But for sure... I will be the rainbow
The sunshine, the little flower
To cheer you up when your days are not going your way
To pay back the sister's love
Of all the years you were there and give to me
The love of a mother I never had

Lisa, you lost your best friend and I have to watch my sister in pain. Not fun.  This life and so many more lives if possible I want to be there as your sister again and again. Life is so short and I don't understand why we struggle so much in between.


wanderwoman said...

I've been reading and truly enjoying your work, LWC! Thanks for the inspiration. - Wander Woman

Anonymous said...

Saying good bye always bring tears
To someone you love and hold so dear
Another soul on her way to Budha’s feast
I know she is smiling and keep on insisted
All her friends to be happy for her
Since she had lived a life; full of love and laughter

Safe journey, Chi Thong!

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