Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rear View Mirror by CL

Here I stand gazing at your tail-lights fade into the distance
Don’t look behind you for I do not want you to see
How this indelible moment can not set me free
From missing you

May the breeze take you to where the beating of your heart makes sense
May the things you learn and the friends you gain won’t change the way you are
For I know the kindness of your heart remains here with me
Forever like the imprint of the sun setting across the sea

As you glance outside your bedroom window and look out onto the horizon
Do believe that the best is yet to come, as I look onward to your return
But until then I understand the length of time and distance
From my home to your home just like December to June

Do look up onto the stars from time to time
For we may share the same light on the exact same night
And when you cross all the mountains that you have to climb
From where you stand the view of the world may be a better sight

Still do believe that there’s a path, which will lead you back to me
Just don’t take too long because it's your heart that time will pilfer
So when you are done with conquering all your dreams, you'll see
That path will await you in your rear view mirror.

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